Core Objectives

EMDEF focuses on the school going children and adolescents and the socio economically vulnerable groups for example the poor household orphans, the eldery and physical dis-abled persons.

To promote quality education to individuals to enable them acquire academic and
entrepreneurship skills

To provide vocational skills and training to
young people and other vulnerable groups

To promote health and wellbeing of school
going children.


    Transparency and accountability
    Team work


"We inspire for better health among communities and institutions as a way to be whole and perfom best in development"

EMDEF is a charitable organisation which exists to inspire better health among learners in communities and institutions. EMDEF was established in 2015 and was registered under companies limited by guarantee. The primary focus of EMDEF is to address the health issues concerning the school going children and adolescents which hinder them from perfoming their best in the academics and to train the poor resource household youths into various skills that enables them to generate income and improve their lives.

Promoting health and well being of learners

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Community Level

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Our Mission:

To improve the lives of the vulnerable young people in the communities through promoting their nutrition, economic, health and educational status.

Our Vision:

To provide the vulnerable young people a stable supporting environment that will help to develop their skills, capacities and capabilities to enable them achieve their dreams.

Additional Objectives:

  • To provide assistance to vulnerable children and learners with school fees, uniform et
  • To empower and advocate for girls and women in decision making, economically and socially.
  • To advocate for sound environmental practices in order to prevent high incidences of malaria and cholera.


Menstrual hygiene talk at Mlambalala primary school in chitawira Blantyre

We aim at increasing the knowledge and practices of menstrual health among the adolescent girls and reducing absenteeism rate of the girls during their menstruation period. The goal of this project is to contribute towards improvement of girl child education in Malawi through educating and promoting good menstrual hygiene behavior and practices among adolescent girls.Find pictures in the Gallery


Recently we've worked with Mbayani Primary School. Mbayani primary school in Blantyre is one of the schools with the highest enrollment of learners. Most learners do not have access to basic information of dental care. Oral health education was conducted at Mbayani primary school in June 2018 with the aim of improving the dental care of the standard seven learners.

Health Promotion

A dentist provids the learners with basic education on how to effectively clean their teeth. Each learner receives a toothbrush and toothpaste donated by Colgate Palmolive.

Child development, education and protection

At community level we work to help people understand the issues that affect child development and their education. We invest time and skills in preventative intervention, for a better future.

Environmental preservation

We've geared up our work to involve communities of interest ,join hand and make some ground breaking exercises like tree planting and woodlot Management

Nutrition program

We believe that for a community to experience developmental trends it must stay Health,hence investing time working on this program.

Vocational skills and training programs

We believe that for a community to experience developmental trends it must stay first start with being equiped with the right resources ,hence investing time working on this program

Awareness campaigns

Seemingly,looks like not very important aspect,on the contrary,this is the greatest tool in developing a copmmunity. "Knowledge is power"-hence we drive towards sharing the power within.

Frequently Asked Question

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When was Extra Mile Development Foundation Start full operations?

Three years ago,2015.

Where is the headquarters for Extra Mile

Luwinga,Mzuzu( Area 1b at Homebound market near Apostolic Church.)


Contact Info

Luwinga, Area 1b at Homebound market, near Apostolic Church Phone Number: +265 992 006 144